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Citizen Hearst

Lauren Thinks Something is Fishy with Citizen Hearst

The third flick I went to see at the 2012 HIFF was “Citizen Hearst”. So,  I’m sitting in the theatre thinking this is great… well good… but then I begin to wonder “hmmmm is this an ad for the  Hearst Publishing Company? .  Leslie Iwerks’ new movie “Citizen Hearst” starts off great, with old footage of Hearst, his San Simeon castle lifestyle, and his magazines. But it turns into one big promotion for all current Hearst TV channels and magazines. Academy-award-nominated Iwerks answered audience questions at the end of the flick in East Hampton and revealed that Hearst was a sponsor of her movie. Yup, I knew something was fishy. The best thing about the movie for me was sitting next to the fab China Machado, who was the first women of color featured in the Hearst magazine Harpers Bazaar

Film at the Hamptons Film Festival

William Macy narrates this documentary about the larger-than-life William Randolph Hearst

Lauren Likes “The Magic of Belle Isle”

The Magic of Belle Isle Reviewed by Lauren Ezersky

Movie Poster

Morgan Freeman always gives a stellar performance and in his new flick The Magic of Belle isle he continues the tradition. Playing a crusty alcoholic western novelist who has seen better daze is a great role for him to shine in. He is dumped by his nephew in a picturesque  lakeside cabin and befriends the family next door.
Virginia Madsen plays an attractive about to be divorced gal with three young daughters.Well you can guess the rest. Everybody changes for the better because of him and his influence on the town, He becomes a mentor to one of his neighbors daughters  Finnegan (Emma Furman). Even the towns emotionally slow young man is affected when he becomes Monte’s sidekick. Its a bit sappy and sweet but still moving in a good and emotional way. Look out for one of my fave characters
Ringo the dog! His interaction with Monte(Morgan Freeman) is the most fun.

But then again, Lauren Ezersky likes every movie.

The film, The Magic of Belle Isle will be released nationwide on July 6. IN the meantime, it is available on on Video On Demand.


Venus in Fur Crackles

Venus in Fur Poster

Hugh Dancy and Nina Arianda star

Venus i Fur Crackles on Broadway

You know what happens when you’re in a dark, cold, dry room and you rub a fat long-haired cat the wrong way? Right: sparks fly. And that’s just what happens in Venus in Fur at the Lyceum. The play opens as thunder and lightning boom and flash on a dark stage. What follows is an hour and a half of non-stop building sexual tension between Vonda (Nina Arianda) and Thomas (Hugh Dancy). Just the two of them, a bag full of costumes dragged in by Vonda, a few pieces of furniture and a witty, edgy script full of twists and turns.With it’s play-within-a-play structure and 19th century shadow story, the play is quite Tom-Stoppard-esque. The plot is convoluted, the characters exchange roles, and, in the end, a bit more clarity would have been appreciated. But, when leaving the theater everyone can be hard exclaiming the same thing: Nina Arianda! She is a force of nature. Beguiling. Sexy. Dangerous. Eccentric. Endearing. As electric as the lightning that flashes throughout the show. Hugh Dancy does a great job just to keep up with her. Don’t miss it!

Congratulations to Nina Arianda, just nominated for a Best Actress Tony! And David Ives, Best Playwright nominee for Venus in Fur.

Avi Sher & Dancers Sparkle at Ailey Center


With no lavish sets, no frilly costumes or tutus, and mostly contemporary music,  Avi Sher & Dancers bring ballet into the 21st century. The result is pure power of dance stripped of accessories. It’s a bold move to make the choreography and the dancers carry all the weight, but this troupe pulls it off. Sher, American born, but Isreal-raised presented a handful of sharp, crisp, finely crafted dancers at the Alvin Ailey Center in early April.  The dancers, including Herman Cornejo from American Ballet Theatre and and Misa Kuranaga from the Boston Ballet, proved up to the task and possessed the stage with their confident performances.

Avi Sher & Dancers was founded in August 2008 with a mission of building new audiences for neoclassical and contemporary ballet by presenting top quality dancers and new works in small, affordable venues, often with live music. They are succeeding in a big way.