Apartners in Marriage

Nothing Can Come Between Apartners in Marriage

Except One City Block

When Lauren Ezersky and I stood at the altar—well actually a small side table in the Remington Room at the 21 Club—and recited our vows, no one said anything about living together.

married-living apartMarried/living apart

We lived a¬†borough apart when we met through match.com, an online dating service, and lived a block apart in Manhattan when we married, and one year later, we still do. Her studio is much too small for the two of us. My one-bedroom in not much bigger. Oh, we always assumed we would find a place together and settle in… for better or worse. Hasn’t happened yet. Partly due to the real estate market… and someone’s unreasonable expectations.

In the meantime, we spend most weekends together under the same roof in the Hamptons. Could be worse, i guess. This arrangement

allows for our different habits and lifestyles. You know, I like to sleep with the windows open and you keep the windows closed. We will get there someday. We’ll find an ideal place where we can live in peace. Where the cat can lay down with the dogs. And we all live happily ever after.