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The Clarkeston B&B in Newport

Very nice bed and breakfast


We spent a couple of nights, post Christmas, in Newport, but rather than staying at a hotel chain like Holiday Inn or Hilton, or looking for a cheap hotel through Priceline or Expedia, we decided to do the Bed & Breakfast thing. We chose the Clarkeston Inn on Clarke Street. Well, actually, that’s not totally true. Originally, we were booked at the Melville, just down the street, but were upgraded to a room in the Clarkeston. They are both, along with several others on Clarke St., part of the Inns of Newport. Most are on the register of Historic Places. Clapboard, cape cod style buildings. Even though it was an upgrade, our room was a bit small, though it did have a working fireplace which made for romantic evenings. problem was, it was on the first floor, right sandwiched between the front door and the kitchen, and right across from the dining room so it was a bit noisy in the mornings. Breakfast there was good—pancakes, eggs, french toast, coffee, juice—though not outstanding. The location couldn’t have been better. We rolled out of bed in the morning and walked the streets finding all kinds of cool shops and antique dealers.